I Almost Died Running

Not Long Ago, I Almost Died Running

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A story I want to tell you.

Not long ago I was in a race running the furthest distance I’ve attempted to that date. I was sick, extremely sleep deprived, lacking nutrition, it was 3 am and I began to shut down. My mind wasn’t right. The weather was really cold, yet I tore my clothes off because I felt hot. I didn’t know if I was on a bridge or in a cow pasture. As I ran, I was avoiding random vehicles. I was in a place I’ve never been and I felt like my life was slipping away. I prayed to God and my late grandmother as I ran alone. Despite my systems shutting down, I made it to the finish line. My body didn’t stop shaking for hours. I couldn’t get warm. I tried to stop my limbs from spasming but nothing worked and no help was to be found. It’s difficult to explain to you what was happening.

You should know that I require a tremendous amount of energy to run one mile, let alone a lot of miles…and at the time of this run, I just got my right side limb salvage device so every movement felt new and really difficult. In hindsight, I maybe should’ve skipped this race.

When the sun began to rise, my body slowly climbed out of shock. I knew that the universe provided a path to my recovery. I don’t have the words to explain what happened to me out there, but it changed every fiber of my being. That night, I learned a lot about myself and the universe.

Published on December 3, 2023



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