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This is what living sounds like. Listen to dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary, and other personalities presenting their true and transformative stories. It starts here, this is a true story.
This is a True Story is produced and hosted by Scott Davidson.

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True Stories

The Medicinal Power of Camping Alone – Scott Carnahan

By Scott Davidson | Dec 3, 2021

What is the medicinal/healing power of camping alone and how can this practice help you? Today, Scott Carnahan presents his very true and transformative story of healing through the practice of camping alone and solo travel. He also talks about reclaiming spaces by building new memories. Scott Carnahan is a director, producer, artist, photographer, dreamer,…

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What I Learned From Interviewing the Most Adaptive Individuals on Earth

By Scott Davidson | Nov 19, 2021

I am about to share what the most adaptive individuals do in order reach their goals and better the world despite incredible adversity. The past six years I’ve interviewed hundreds (really likely much higher) of individuals that faced unimaginable adversities. Some have died. Some have lost a loved one. Some have lost the ability to…

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Opt Out and Reclaim Your Life

By Scott Davidson | Nov 11, 2021

My schedule was full of responsibilities. I had a bunch of social commitments I didn’t want to attend. My email and home inboxes were full of stuff. I paid for a bunch of packages, but I really only used one service. In my quest to get after life, my list of goals kept growing and…

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Failed Kidney Transplant Propels Donor Athlete to Dig Deeper – Kim Constantinesco

By Scott Davidson | Nov 4, 2021

Kim Constantinesco is a competitive big mountain snowboarder, adventurer and author. She spent much of her life making the world a little brighter with her writings. Kim went through the extensive and difficult process of donating her kidney to a stranger and the kidney didn’t survive. Despite this massive setback, Kim pushed forward on a…

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How to Let Go of Sentimental Items

By Scott Davidson | Oct 28, 2021

How do you let go of sentimental items? My grandmother was in many ways my closest friend and when she died it was difficult to move forward. After her passing, I sat in her home, reliving memories and preparing to go through all the stuff she owned. I couldn’t fully process donating all of her…

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Achieving Balance – Andre Le Brocquy

By Scott Davidson | Oct 20, 2021

This is a story about a wake up call. Andre Le Brocquy witnessed his father work incredibly hard for his family, but by working so hard, his father sacrificed his health. Hear how Andre responds. I believe this story will really hit for those looking to achieve work/life balance. Andre Le Brocquy is a speaker,…

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Idea: Essentialism, Doing More With Less

By Scott Davidson | Oct 14, 2021

Have you experienced days, weeks or even longer of feeling completely overwhelmed by the stuff you need to do? Have you said yes to doing something and later regretted it? Are you missing out on the things you want to do because of other obligations? If so, then maybe the idea of essentialism is for…

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Rejecting Wealth to Pursue Something More – Colin Wright

By Scott Davidson | Oct 4, 2021

Would you turn your back on guaranteed huge financial success and instead pursue a life of minimalism, content creation and full-time travel? Today, the very notable Colin Wright presents his very true and transformative story regarding the experiences that led him to move away from a career of financial wealth and instead towards a life…

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Idea: Declutter Your Mind and Life with The Minimalist Practice of a Packing Party

By Scott Davidson | Sep 29, 2021

Idea: Declutter Your Mind and Life with The Minimalist Practice of a Packing Party The practices/ideas of essentialism and minimalism is something I’ve attempted to incorporate the past seven years. About six years ago we downsized our entire house and moved 2,000 plus miles away to a smaller home in a strange new world. When…

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