I am a father, adventure athlete, author, problem solver, and I was born with birth defects. These defects include severe bilateral clubfoot impacting my lower limbs and various other differences throughout my body. I am based in Las Vegas, NV. 


I am focused on experiencing as much adventure as possible and maximizing my mobility. I am happiest when my mind and body are tested. I love running, rucking, OCRs, dropping some weights and scrambling up mountains. Everyday I challenge myself mentally and physically.  


You can find me mostly on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. I share my life as a father and athlete navigating the challenges of physical disability. My message is for all. I also talk about experiencing bullying, receiving negative outlooks from medical professions and other challenges. I am thankful for my challenges because they helped me realize my potential. 

I write mostly on the subjects of adapting and minimalism.


I previously produced and hosted two podcasts:

This is a True Story Podcast featuring true transformative stories and ideas. Top 2% most downloaded in the world.

Living Adaptive Podcast sharing stories from the adaptive community. Top 10% most downloaded in the world.


I now share my stories and inspirational messages on social media platforms (links below).



I was born in Pittsburgh, PA at Magee Women's Hospital and at birth it was discovered that I was born with a congenital birth defect called CETV or more commonly known as clubfoot. My situation is particularly severe, impacting both lower limbs, and medical doctors said I wouldn't walk as an adult. I’ve had extensive treatments throughout childhood including casting and Post-Medial Release surgeries on both lower limbs. This disability impacts my entire lower limbs.


Every day could be my last day walking.

With pride, I continue to push forward despite my challenges and invest time and energy into advocating for and empowering not only the disability community but any human that is suffering.   


On occasion I still compete. I’ve won or placed in adaptive and traditional running competitions. A big reason I choose running is because it’s the most difficult sport for my adaptation. I don't seek an easy road. I enjoy punishing my body and dream of discovering the absolute furthest I can go before breaking. In 2019, I placed second with my team in the 2019 Para Spartan World Championships. This race aired on ESPN and was the second Para Spartan OCR World Championship. I've also placed in running events that are non-adaptive. This may not seem like much, but know that doctors stated I wouldn't be able to walk as an adult and I am still clocking an incredible amount miles.

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