YOUR life doesn't need to suck. You can Adapt and Thrive despite the Adversity YOU face.

...and I don't want your money. I am not looking for sponsors. I don't care about your followers stats... My mission is clear.

I created Living Adaptive to highlight amazing individuals that managed to achieve something notable despite facing significant adversity. One method I use to highlight these individuals is by producing and hosting a show called Living Adaptive. Hit the links around this site to watch/listen. Note, there's a lot of strong language in these shows and it's not suitable for children.

I only bring on the best individuals in the world at adapting, thriving, and reaching remarkable achievements.

But hey, I don't just talk, I get after it too...even with my own challenges.


Quickly, I am a parent, adventure athlete, content creator, 40, and I happen to be born with a congenital disability.  I was born with a multitude of issues impacting my legs, specifically severe bilateral clubfoot, patella dislocations, small hip joint deformities, and atrophy and shortening of the muscles in my lower legs. The treatments (including highly invasive surgery (medical records are HERE) I received were archaic. But what freaks many out... is when I say, I am really thankful for my challenges and I wouldn't change a thing.

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