Adversity is Certain


You Can Adapt and Thrive Despite the Adversity You Face

Athletic Accomplishments

-First bilateral hybrid prosthetic-orthotic user
to complete a 26.2 marathon.* 

-First bilateral hybrid prosthetic-orthotic user
to complete an ultra marathon.*

-Currently chasing longer ultra distances and pacing/crewing world class ultra runners and this most recently includes pacing elite ultra runner Evan Birch on his solo run at The Speed Project.

-Early athletic endeavors include mountaineering, volunteering in search and rescue, podium in para OCR, and sprinting.

Running is the absolute most difficult physical action for me to do,
yet I love to run. 

I was born with severe bilateral clubfoot and other physical issues including deformities to my knees and jaw. I spent a childhood bullied for the appearance of my legs. Older kids threatened to break my skinny legs, and even adults made negative comments.

I have a lifetime of medical treatments and live in constant uncertainty. My entire life I've been told I can't. Yet I do. And through all this adversity, I am happy. You too can adapt and thrive despite the adversity you face.


*The Exosym and IDEO are hybrid prosthetic-orthotics. 

*Other runners wearing hybrid prosthetic-orthotics completed 26.2 miles distances, but not the entire distance wearing exclusively the Exosym or IDEO. No other bilateral hybrid prosthetic-orthotic user has run a 13.1 miles or further distance. This is due to the difficulty of running in a hybrid prosthetic-orthotic.


Here you will find hope.