Adversity is Certain

I was born with severe bilateral clubfoot. I spent a childhood bullied for the appearance of my legs, older kids threatened to break my skinny legs, and even adults made negative comments. I went through years of medical treatments and I always received negative outlooks from doctors. My entire life I've been told I can't. Yet through all this adversity I am happy and I do exactly what I am told I can't do. You too can adapt and thrive despite the adversity you face.

Here you will find hope. This comes in the form of Stories from the most adaptive individuals on earth (I got nearly a decade of grabbing stories), my story, and practical tools to incorporate when things get fall apart. Everything I make is free to you! I'm in it to make a difference, not money.

Things falling apart? Try these 3 resources

One: Discover and do what is most important to you

Establish the most essential things in your life and minimize the rest. This is called minimalism or even essentialism. For me, the most essential things in my life are maximizing my time with my family, chasing adventure, and pushing past my physical limits by doing hard things. I minimize or remove any distractions. My form of minimalism is more than getting rid of stuff, it's more focused on minimizing tasks.

I provide writings and podcasts that include my personal stories and step-by-step approaches to discovering what's essential to you and how you can incorporate minimalism into your life. You will also find texts and podcasts from notable minimalists that I've interviewed. Minimalism is an extremely effective and life altering tool for those facing adversity. Select HERE for free resources for you.

Two: Surround yourself with uplifting content and individuals

Hearing stories from the most adaptive individuals on earth changed my life. I found a common pattern in the success stories. Incorporating uplifting and informative content into your life is simple and the benefits are immediate.

Living Adaptive is currently on break but you can still hear previous episodes. Select HERE to listen to episodes from Living Adaptive.

Three: Do Hard Things

Three: Do hard things

Doing hard things prepares you for when things fall apart.

I was born I with a weak, deformed, broken body. Through medical intervention and determination I've accomplished more than anyone believed possible. To do so, I had to  survive intense bullying, a lifetime of medical treatments some of which caused significant harm, and more. I often walked this adverse path alone as a child, as a father, even now. 

I do hard things every single day despite the negative outlooks. I want to maximize my body and soul. The universe gave me a broken body. I plan to return this body to the universe 100 times more broken. For more motivation, select icons below to access my social media.


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