Adapt and Thrive Despite the Challenges



The Living Adaptive Podcast is hosted by Scott Davidson.  The podcast is conversation based and is a podcast about adapting and thriving despite any challenges.  Guests include individuals adapting to significantly difficult situations.  These guests provide entertainment by telling their stories and often provide insight, tools, methods, etc.   Also, you'll hear from experts and organizations surrounding the adaptive community that are providing a level of value to those adapting.  



Living Adaptive is all about adapting, building, and hanging with the adaptive tribe.  

Scott Davidson is a content creator, podcast producer and host, obstacle course racing athlete, and an adventure athlete focused on outdoor sports such as enduro mountain biking, racing, and conquering various rugged terrain courses.  


Scott Davidson was born with positional bilateral clubfoot that impacts all aspects of his feet and legs, functionally and aesthetically.  Despite the physical and mental challenges, Scott Davidson thrives and loves life and is constantly looking for the next challenge.  In 2019 his OCR team placed 2nd in the Para Spartan World Championships featured on ESPN.

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