I hated myself so much that I made myself sick

I hated myself so much that I made myself sick


I hated my disabled legs and other defects. 

I hated God for making me this way. 

I hated the surgery and treatments needed to walk and the negative outlooks. 

I hated the harshness from the clubfoot and medical communities. 

I hated that I always felt alone.

I hated the bullying and stares. 

I hated that the world made me cry. 

I hated myself so much I made myself sick. 

But now I don’t hate myself much at all. 

In time, I learned the value of my adversities. 

I love that I am born different, look different, and went through these difficult experiences. 

I now don’t even notice your stares.  

I know why I exist. 

My adversity is my purpose.

I know many of you are hurting. 

Maybe what hurts you so much is also your purpose. 

Maybe you are here to show the world how to adapt and thrive despite the adversity you face?



Published on April 23, 2024


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