Should I get an Exosym?

I only recommend the Exosym.

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What lower limb offloading device should I get? I receive this question multiple times per week, especially this week.

I only recommend the Exosym.

Note, I am sharing only my experiences.

I believe this hybrid prosthetic-orthotic is the best solution for those with limb salvage injuries, ankle fusions, partial-foot amputations, fractures, tarsal coalitions, and other lower extremity dysfunctions such as clubfoot.


I want to keep this simple so I will share only two reasons today.

1. Personal results - In the Exosym I train all day and navigate daily life without notable issues. In other devices my limbs hurt, lots of swelling, and the devices never felt comfortable. The Exosym stability, offloading, and mitigating of impacts is unmatched.

2. Success stories - The Exosym is loaded with success stories, whereas other builds are not. Why? Besides the Exosym being a completely unique device, I believe we are also navigating a lack of training and experience with CPOs, fabricators, and developers of components of other devices.

If you have questions then reply below. I will try to answer your questions here or write another post.

Disclaimer, I am not paid by Hanger Clinic or anyone else in this orthotics and prosthetics industry. I have seen those with mild injuries or dysfunctions find success in a well built dynamic AFO. For me, the Exosym has taken me up mountains and across ultra distances. I love these devices beyond measure.


Published on May 1 2024


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