Stop Bullying

Be the Change and Stop Bullying As a kid, older kids threatened to break my legs and relentlessly bullied me because of my birth defects. I began to obsessively measure my legs and prayed to God to fix me.  I stopped looking in the mirror and destroyed pictures of me.  As the bullying intensified my…

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I Made a Promise to See How Far I Can Go

I finished the ultramarathon a month ago. I’m not stopping there. 5 years ago my legs began to fail. In this darkness, I set an impossible goal to run a 50k ultramarathon.  I finished the ultramarathon a month ago. I’m not stopping there. I made a promise to see how far I can go. I’m…

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Should I get an Exosym?

I only recommend the Exosym. What lower limb offloading device should I get? I receive this question multiple times per week, especially this week. I only recommend the Exosym. Note, I am sharing only my experiences. I believe this hybrid prosthetic-orthotic is the best solution for those with limb salvage injuries, ankle fusions, partial-foot amputations,…

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I hated myself so much that I made myself sick

Scott running in a storm

I hated myself so much that I made myself sick I hated my disabled legs and other defects.  I hated God for making me this way.  I hated the surgery and treatments needed to walk and the negative outlooks.  I hated the harshness from the clubfoot and medical communities.  I hated that I always felt…

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I Made a Choice

I made a choice to go from the darkest of places to what I am now and what I will become. At points in my life I wanted to die due to the pain and disfigurement of my body. I didn’t want you to ever see my legs and I never wanted to see another…

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How Bad Did I Want To Run An Ultramarathon?

How bad did I want it? How bad did I want it? This ultramarathon run wasn’t just a fun goal, this was a chance to reclaim the mobility I lost in my younger years. This mobility loss came with devastating consequences. I felt alone, unable, less than you. I never fully recovered. The run conditions…

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Ultramarathon Finished

Scott finishing ultra run

50k Complete! A big run goal update. 50k is now complete. I set this run goal back in 2019 when I was rapidly losing my mobility. At the time, my children witnessed my body failing. Today, they witnessed my response.  I am very proud of this run because no other bilateral hybrid prosthetic-orthotic user (Exosym/IDEO)…

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I Almost Died Running

Not Long Ago, I Almost Died Running A story I want to tell you. Not long ago I was in a race running the furthest distance I’ve attempted to that date. I was sick, extremely sleep deprived, lacking nutrition, it was 3 am and I began to shut down. My mind wasn’t right. The weather…

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Why Not Me? Finding Empowerment Through My Disability

I was born with a severe version of a birth difference known as CTEV or even more commonly known as clubfoot. The cause is unknown, and it doesn’t really matter because we can’t change what happened, but I was told mine was due to a lack of amniotic fluid and malpositioning in my mother’s womb.

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What are you wearing on your legs?


What are you wearing on your legs? This text was updated in the summer of 2023. What are you wearing on your legs? Below are answers to your questions. These are my thoughts and no one else contributed to what you will read. I won’t bullshit you. I know what it’s like to lose my…

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Minimalism is Easier if You Remember Your Why


Remembering your WHY makes minimalism easier Scott Davidson – Follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Quitting a secure well paying job or donating a house full of items you worked to buy isn’t necessarily easy. Selling your home to move to a smaller space or parsing through your late parent’s stuff to decide what makes the…

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Letting Go of Sentimental Items

Are you ready to focus on decluttering your sentimental items? Scott Davidson – Follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter   My grandmother was in many ways my closest friend and when she died it was difficult for me to move forward. I grew up spending a good portion of each summer at my grandmother’s small home…

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When Adversity Hits, Minimalism Works

living adaptive in badwater

Minimalism is a useful tool or approach to your adversity. Scott Davidson – Follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Minimalism is not a cure, but it is a useful tool or approach. In a world where we live in uncertainty with little control at times, when one can be born disabled, wake up one day with…

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