When Adversity Hits, Minimalism Works

Minimalism is a useful tool or approach to your adversity.

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Minimalism is not a cure, but it is a useful tool or approach.

In a world where we live in uncertainty with little control at times, when one can be born disabled, wake up one day with cancer, lose mobility due to an accident, develop mental health issues, lose a job, experience home foreclosure, or any other adversities, minimalism offers a way to move in a positive direction despite these challenges. 


When I was told my mobility would get much worse and that medical interventions were needed, I wish I had already embraced minimalism. 


When my body was failing and at the same time, my best friend, my grandmother died, I wish I had embraced minimalism. 


When my children watched me struggle because I wasn’t living the life I desired as I carried six figures of debt, I wish I had embraced minimalism.




Minimalism makes my life easier.

Minimalism provided an approach where I could declutter our family home to become more navigable and easier to maintain, and minimalism also offered a way to declutter my life in general. By picking certain minimalist ideals that worked for me, I established what is most essential to me and I minimized the rest. When everything fell apart and I felt trapped under tons of stuff, minimalism was one shovel of several shovels that I used to help dig a tunnel out. 


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When I embraced a minimalist lifestyle along with other powerful approaches, I began to live the life I desired. My children witnessed me go from self-pity to empowered as I achieved my goals. Here is my minimalist story if interested.


Minimalism isn’t a cure, but it can be a useful tool to get you on the path to living the life you desire.


Despite uncertainty, lack of control, and adversity, you can live an amazing and powerful life. I know this because I’ve witnessed individuals in the most difficult scenarios go from very difficult positions to doing exactly that. I even aired some of their stories for the better part of a decade. But in order to move towards a position of power, you need to move from passenger to driver, meaning, you need to act...and minimalism might be one of those tools you choose to use as you act.



All pictures are from recent journeys in Death Valley National Park.


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