Being Okay with Fear

    A common theme I’ve struggled with throughout my life is my inability to sit with my fears. 
For me, my fears are often of the unknown. 
The goal is to live with my fears of the unknown.  
If I get past my fears of the unknown, then great, but I don’t know if that’s realistic.  
At this point, learning to live with fears appears more pragmatic and realistic.   
Maybe, Realize you rarely have control over your thoughts and feelings, therefore, learn to accept when they're uncomfortable. 
Maybe, Pause when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Sit and befriend the reactions your fears drop on your doorstep.  For me, I will sit and notice what fear does to me physically.  I will notice how I react, feeling butterflies in my stomach, pressure in my head, my heart beating faster, and breathing patterns speeding up.  I observe what my body is doing and I don’t try to control these bodily reactions.  
Maybe remember that "just because this minute sucks, doesn’t mean the next minute will suck, and just because today sucks doesn't mean tomorrow will, and just because this year sucked doesn't mean next year will suck.

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