The Shift, A Story of Grief and Growth – Susan Hannifin-MacNab

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"I was a wife and a mother. Until my husband went out for a Sunday drive and didn't show up for dinner. Until he didn't show up for breakfast. Until he was silent." Susan Hannifin-MacNab is a mother, social worker, educator and author. After her husband died suddenly, she was propelled to act, both personally and professionally, to find practical tools and resources that would help her and their young son intentionally restore, renew, and rebuild a new life. Now, she shares what she  learns with you in her very true story.

For those looking for grieving resources, please use this link directly below. The A2Z Online Toolbox (free content and resources for anyone grieving and all those who support them):


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A2Z Healing Toolbox® (my website).

Soaring Spirits International (nonprofit for global widowed population; I am the Programs and Education Manager)

Circles (virtual mental health platform for therapeutic support; I run psycho-educational groups here)

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