Quit Your Job, You Lost Your Way

Quit Your Job, You Lost Your Way

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As a child, did you dream of becoming a top performing sales rep? Did you pretend to sell mortgages with your childhood friends and imagine how you could potentially close a home loan with a higher interest rate and thus take home a bigger commission (remember the housing crash)? Did you dream of becoming a legit boss babe and calling your former high school peers, years after graduating, and offering them the chance of lifetime to sell some amazing face cream and become a thousandaire? Did you fantasize of one day seeing your name at the top of the sales leader board and receiving an amazingly shitty looking plaque? I am guessing most of you reading this are probably saying no.

Somewhere in our lives we lost our way.
We went from a childhood of role playing as adventurers, nurses, athletes, pilots, artists, inventors, leaders and then we grew up. We are not fulfilled and we spend our days in some strange system where we're pushing products, rationalizing our predatory behaviors, creating fake urgencies, discussing 401Ks, dreaming of the next beach vacation, and whatever.

I am not judging you. I've been there. I am more so judging the system. I also do understand the importance of finding meaning in even the most mundane of careers, but what if you could sort of step out of the system? I do understand that less glamorous roles need to be filled, but why must you fill one of these roles?

Quick disclaimer, I am not a life coach, I know very little, I am certainly not at a maturity level that matches my age, and I just tried to glue my fingers together before I typed this piece to see if I could swim better with webbed hands.

Consider asking yourself this: "Do you ever feel like you lost your way?" Maybe you feel stuck and unhappy. Here's some unsolicited advice that may help.

    1. Go find a quiet space.
    2. Close your eyes.
    3. Attempt to remember your childhood dreams.
    4. Potentially feel bad for a bit because you realize you lost your way.
    5. Tell yourself that you have choices and you can change your situation, so don't panic.
    6. Open your eyes.
    7. Set a slightly unreasonable date to quit your job (the sooner the better).
    8. Quit your job.

I know it's not that simple, but in a way it is…you do have choices. You can change your life.