You can book my coaching services by selecting the appropriate banner below. Services are modestly priced and I use the funds to cover fees and donate to adaptive non-profits.

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I speak on various subjects but most notably adapting. 


  • You can adapt and thrive despite the adversity you face.
  • Moving from why me to why not me?
  • What I learned from interviewing the most adaptive individuals in the world and how you can implement this into your own life.
  • Living a deliberately minimal life.

Where I speak

I've spoken at events, schools, churches, conferences, on podcasts and more. I am adaptable to any audience.


I am self-funded and I live a deliberate and minimalist lifestyle. My message is important to me and I hope to share my messages of hope with anyone struggling. With this being said, I do my best to accommodate organizations and outlets that match my mission. Not all requests are accepted, but I do my best. At this time, due to my schedule I can only accept a few speaking engagements.

How to book me

If you want to book me to speak or appear on your show, then please email or DM me on instagram.


About me

I create podcasts and writings. I am also an adventure athlete based in Las Vegas, NV. 

Currently, I produce and host two podcasts:

This is a True Story Podcast featuring true transformative stories and ideas. Top 2% most downloaded in the world according to Listen Notes.

Living Adaptive Podcast sharing stories from the adaptive community. Top 10% most downloaded in the world.

I write on the subjects of minimalism and adapting.

Find more about my story here.



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