Rejecting Wealth to Pursue Something More – Colin Wright

Would you turn your back on guaranteed huge financial success and instead pursue a life of minimalism, content creation and full-time travel? Today, the very notable Colin Wright presents his very true and transformative story regarding the experiences that led him to move away from a career of financial wealth and instead towards a life of full time travel, minimalism, and building his impressive platform. Colin Wright is truly a brilliant mind and difference maker. Tune-in to hear Colin present "This is It."

Colin Wright is a massively talented author, speaker, and he hosts the highly successful podcasts Let's Know Things & Brain Lenses. Colin is the writer behind Exile Lifestyle.

More about Colin Wright. Colin is featured in several documentaries including Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. 

More about Colin Wright

Colin is an author, podcast host, and generalist maker-of-things. Colin presents to audiences worldwide at conferences, universities, and on the periodic national or international tour. Colin spends most of his time learning, making things that he hopes will be of value, and striving to grow as a person—in terms of physical and mental health, knowledge, resiliency, and overall capability. Colin is well known for his approaches to life and this includes building his incredible platform Exile Life where he talks about many phenomena including minimalism.

Prior to Covid, Colin was traveling the world full-time since approximately 2009, and according to Colin, "for most of that time I had my readers vote on what country I would move to next every four months or so." 

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