Wounded Green Beret to Adaptive Thriver – Randy Nantz Part 2

Randy Nantz is a Green Beret (retired) that was wounded in combat. He's an elite athlete receiving notice with his involvement in adventure sports, OCRs, etc. and is one of the more well known ATF grads.   Randy Nantz has managed and supports various veteran and adaptive organizations since injury.  Note this, Randy Nantz is one of the bright lights of the adaptive community.  He's one of my favorite interviews.  I love being around Nantz and I believe his story will shed some light as to why Nantz is very beloved.
-Enlistment military and becoming a green beret
-Deployment and wounded
-What it takes to become a green beret
-Deployment is over, recovery begins, and domestic life
-Pain medication, physical addiction (doctors enabling), and getting rid of pain meds
-Work with Green Beret Foundation and then moving towards working and affiliating with adaptive organizations.
-Competing in various sporting events and why
-Returning to the middle east and walking off the battle field on his own terms.
-What is life all about, how to adapt and thrive no matter the challenge, and how to get through setbacks
More about Randy Nantz
Randy Nantz enlisted in the Army because of 9/11 and after deploying overseas with the 3rd Infantry Division in 2003, he was selected as a Green Beret Communications Sergeant in 2006. On Dec. 22nd of 2006, while deployed with 5th Special Forces Group, Randy's vehicle was hit by an EFP (a devastating roadside bomb) and he sustained traumatic injuries that resulted in 22% 3rd degree burns, large muscle tissue loss, and severe nerve damage that ultimately led to his lower left leg being amputated.
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