When Your Home is also a Hostel – Alla Gonopolsky

"In a hostel, friendships are measured by openness, not by time. It's amazing how fast people go from strangers to dear friends. To dear family, really. I am constantly making friends and losing friends as they travel onward. But when time together is short and transient, walls seem to come down faster. We would rather be ourselves, be vulnerable, than be cool."  Alla Gonopolsky lives with her partner and they own and operate a hostel in Mexico. This hostel serves as not just a home but also a soul school full of love, cacao ceremonies, yoga, and much more.


Today, Alla Gonopolsky presents When Your Home is also a Hostel.


Alla Gonopolsky is a binge traveller, yoga instructor, free spirit, writer, adventurer and so much more. She describes herself as the world's least annoying millennial and I agree. Select the podcast player or your favorite podcast app above to listen


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