What’s Up?
After much time, I mean like a lot of time and delays, many nervous moments because I am neurotic, so much apprehension and subsequent procrastination, all that stuff, here I go.
For me, this event of introducing myself and this podcast is sort of like base jumping (you know, the crazy people that jump off cliffs/buildings and fly in wing suits).  I imagine myself equipped with some sort of silly looking wing suit, as I now near the end of the cliff and ready myself to either jump or back out due to fear.  I feel pretty nervous, a bit vulnerable, but also really excited.  So here it goes…I am jumping and hoping to land…intact.
What is Living Adaptive?  
Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson is the title of my podcast.  In my about me section of this blog you can find more about me and why adapting is so important to my life.  This podcast is a conversation based podcast hosted by me, Scott Davidson.  Adapting is the theme of this podcast, just as the podcast name suggests.  As you likely know, adapting is changing in order to deal with new situations.  Adapting is often associated with adaptive athletes.  Adaptive athletes are a major focus of this podcast, but most certainly not the only focus.  Adapting is something all of us have to do in life, whether it is due to illness, injury, loss, trauma, or whatever one may encounter.  Not only will I focus on interviewing adaptive athletes such as paralympians, this podcast will also focus on interviewing trauma survivors, disability advocates, recovering addicts, cancer survivors, subject matter experts, amputees, folks with terminal illnesses, and various individuals from all walks of life that have adapted to various phenomenon in their lives.  I will also interview everyday people that are less known but have a story about adapting.  All of these individuals are adapting to what many may deem significantly difficult situations.
To give you more of an idea of the types of interviews you will hear, one of my early episodes is a conversation with a paralympian who became paralyzed in high school due to an accident.  We get to learn his story, specifically how he coped, adapted, and learned to make the best of his situation and eventually became a paralympian, author, and a highly impactful motivational speaker.  Another episode is a conversation with a trauma survivor.  She discusses losing her daughter and the processes that followed.  Both stories changed me fundamentally.
What is the Podcast Format?
So here’s the format of the podcast.  The first portion is an introduction of the episode and guest and a monologue on something that is applicable to adapting, maybe pertinent research, a story, subject matter relevant to the guest of the episode, whatever it may be.
The second portion of the podcast will be an interview with a wrap up.  At some point I will add thoughtful thursdays, or something with a catchy title like that.  Thoughtful Thursday will be a very small length podcast episode containing a subject that added value to my life or someone else life and I hope might add value to the listeners.
Much like me, this podcast is very informal and minimalist in nature.  No fancy intros or outros.  The production team is me.  There is minimal editing of conversations in order to maintain authenticity.  You may hear my kids, a phone ringing, me freaking out in my chair having a panic attack, or something else.  It’s all unpredictable.  Life is unpredictable.  Certainty is not to be had and this podcast is no different.  So just relax people and don’t take it all so seriously.
Why Living Adaptive?
    I hope that Living Adaptive is a good outlet to catalogue the stories of those that have adapted.  Life is often amazing but life can also be a very trying experience. As I encounter stories of those that traverse difficult paths I believe I learn. I know these stories of our peers adapting to various circumstance are important. They deserve to be heard and catalogued. We need to learn from one another and that is why I am here.  Here you can listen and not just be entertained but learn, learn how to adapt to difficult circumstances that may pop up in your life.  Maybe learn to put the difficult stuff in your life into a more healthy perspective.

Final Thoughts

Living Adaptive is a growing organic thing.  If you have recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me…I probably will just delete your email if it is a critical analysis, but whatever?  If you believe you have a story that needs shared or you want to recommend an individual to interview then please do let me know.  If you have or know of a technique or method that helps a person to adapt then please share.   I hope you stick around, listen, maybe feel uplifted, and find value in the content of this podcast.  Thanks

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