What I did After a Brain Cancer Diagnosis – Liz Salmi


What I did After a Brain Cancer Diagnosis – Liz Salmi

Summary of Podcast Episode with Liz Salmi

Most everyone will encounter a difficult diagnosis or significant obstacles in life and this interview with Liz Salmi displays a positive way to adapt despite significant struggles. Salmi joins us to tell her story of living with a brain cancer diagnosis. Salmi not only tells her story, she also talks about how to be productive after a significant change in life, in her case, Salmi is now a prolific researcher in the realm of brain cancer patient advocacy and bettering the communication between patients and healthcare professionals. She also researches what’s it like to die from brain cancer. Salmi is relatively fearless in these realms. Salmi’s path to success is unorthodox compared to what one might believe is required to reach Salmi’s level. Salmi went from patient and amateur to patient and expert within her realm. Salmi’s story and advice aren’t limited to just a cancer diagnosis. Salmi’s story shows us that when you’re living with something difficult, you can adapt and find ways to improve your position and impact the lives of others in a positive manner.

More About Liz Salmi

In Salmi’s words from her website (linked below), “I began blogging about my brain cancer experience immediately after my first symptom: a grand mal seizure originating in the left parietal lobe. After brain surgery in September 2008, I was diagnosed with a WHO Grade II astrocytoma, a slow-growing brain cancer that has a high rate of recurrence. And recur it did! I had another brain surgery in February 2009, and underwent a whirlwind of treatment over the next two years. So much has changed since my first blog post in July 2008, most notably, how patients are using the Internet to connect with each other and with healthcare professionals. Patients are also becoming more savvy about using the Internet to gain a deeper understanding of their own diagnoses, using it as a tool in medical decision-making. There is a word now for patients who are enabled, empowered and engaged in their own health care: e-Patients. Heck, it’s more than a word–it’s a movement. Today I speak regularly on how healthcare professionals and patients are connecting through digital media, and how patients are able to make better informed medical decisions.”

Liz Salmi: Oral Ignite Presentation

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