Updated: What is Living Adaptive

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What's up?

So Living Adaptive is approximately two years old.  Upon reflection, some updates about Living Adaptive is required. 

What is Living Adaptive?

Living Adaptive is produced by an adaptive person for everyone, especially those adapting to struggles.  We address adapting and working with many difficult experiences, and sometimes we shove in some humor.  Currently, Living Adaptive is mainly a podcast and then some writings.

What is the Living Adaptive Podcast?

The Living Adaptive Podcast is hosted by Scott Davidson.  The podcast is conversation based and is a podcast about adapting - the tagline since it began.  Guests are often individuals that have adapted to significantly difficult situations and these guests tell their stories and often provide insight, tools, methods, and much more.   Guests also include the many altruistic individuals and organizations surrounding the adaptive community and experts from various backgrounds and disciplines that are capable of providing a level of value to those adapting.

What's the Informal Mission Statement?

Living Adaptive is all about adapting, and building and serving the adaptive tribe.  Living Adaptive is not taking paid sponsorships.  I want to produce free content while I can...