Turning Challenges into Opportunities – Jacob Pacheco


Turning Challenges into Opportunities - Jacob Pacheco

Jacob Pacheco joins us today from the beach (literally, you can hear the waves)!  Jacob Pacheco developed ProneToRide which is a personal brand that encompasses the belief, anything is possible. Jacob’s own story of adversity, relentless work ethic, and success drove the creation of ProneToRide.  ProneToRide is not just a philosophy but also full of creative content including a vlog that follows Jacob, especially on his journey as a surfer.
Jacob was born with Cerebral Palsy and never gave in to the numerous challenges he faced, including medical opinions stating he would not walk by age 16. Jacob has a great zest for life which led to overcoming those opinions and challenges.  Jacob is extremely active.  He’s involved in athletics as a professional athlete, trainer, and coach.  He’s creating content, he models, and also gives a lot of time and energy by helping those that are adapting to various challenges. 

In this episode we talk about,

* Jacob’s adaptive story.
* Turning a challenge into an opportunity and Jacob provides examples from his life.
* ProneToRide and other projects Jacob created.
* Jacob changing his entire approach to life after attending a seminar and having a really intense experience.
* Three tips on how to get out of a slump.
* Sharks and other wild stuff.

Find Jacob Pacheco and ProneToRide using the links below,

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More about Jacob Pacheco

Despite the challenges and negative predictions, Jacob Pacheco competed in five sports as a child and competed in three at the elite adaptive levels: Soccer, Track, and Surfing all before the age of 27; his passion for education and knowledge culminated in college with a Bachelor’s Degree in History as well as Master's Degree with distinction in Kinesiology.



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