The Life Changing Joy of Minimalism on the Road – Kayli Kunkel


"I’ve shed a lot of vanity in the process. Sentimentality in things had become a stopgap for fulfillment in the only true constant: myself. Now as I look at this pack and my loyal handful of tops, three pairs of pants and smattering of toiletries, I realize I could actually do with a lot less. Next time around, I will. I realize now that everything I really needed was inside of me." - Kayli Kunkel

Kayli Kunkel presents her story "The Life Changing Joy of Minimalism on the Road" and you don't want to miss this episode.


Kayli Kunkel, in her words, is a sometimes traveler and she is creating new narratives on mental health and sustainability and she is the founder of Earth & Me, a zero-waste small business and publication. Kayli is based in Queens, NY. She founded Earth & Me because sustainability, quality, and affordability shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

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