PODCAST Concluded - No longer accepting submissions

Writing your transformative story 

Below are guidelines for a story submission 

  • Each story is approximately 1,000 to 2,800 words in length.
  • Stories need a transformative experience. The more transformative the better. Transformative story meaning stories that examine the writer's process of change as they evolve and react to events and stimuli and eventual become a different person than how they started.
  • When thinking about the story you plan to submit, please keep in mind that we seek the most transformative story of your life. 


  • Who presents my story?
    • You present your story. If you're not comfortable presenting then I will present your story on your behalf.
  • Can you help me through the ENTIRE process, I feel overwhelmed?
    • I will patiently guide you through the process and this includes developing your story, recording your story and preparing for the interview segment.
  • Can I swear or discuss sensitive topics?
    • Yes, you can swear or discuss sensitive topics. This podcast is not PG.
  • Will I receive payment?
    • At this point, payment will come in the form of promotion to your platform. As the podcast grows, This is a True Story plans to provide modest compensation to a presenter or donate to the non-profit of the present's choice.