This is a True Story Podcast

This is what living sounds like. Listen to dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary, and other personalities presenting their true and transformative stories. It starts here, this is a true story.
This is a True Story is produced and hosted by Scott Davidson.

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True Stories

Declutter your Life and Chase your Dreams – Jennifer Burger

By Scott Davidson | Feb 15, 2021 Feel like your life is stuck on auto-pilot? Are you doing what you believe is expected of you without actively deciding or even thinking about what you really want out of life? Do the things you own, or seek to own, now own you? If so, listen now and take control of your life.…

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I Started Rock Climbing and it Changed my Life – Austin Harvey

By Scott Davidson | Feb 9, 2021

Austin Harvey was stuck. “After a tumultuous breakup, a good friend of mine finally convinced me – after trying for months – to go to a bouldering gym with him. I had nothing better to do, I figured, so I went.” Everything changed after this decision. Tune in to hear the rest of this true…

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The Pacific Crest Trail Saved My Life  – Liane Herrick

By Scott Davidson | Feb 1, 2021

The Pacific Crest Trail saved my life, but not in the way most people would expect. I wasn’t healing from cancer or coping with the loss of a loved one. Rather, I was bored and that boredom manifested itself as depression. Feeding my depression was a fear that I had left no impact and had…

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The Road to 1,000 Followers Changed Everything

By Scott Davidson | Jan 25, 2021

The Road to 1,000 Followers Changed Everything “You’re just writing all this to attract more followers. You’re just doing this to inflate your ego…You’re just doing it to put yourself on a higher ground than your friends…Soon they’ll all find out you’re nothing you claim to be.”   William Cho shares his true story of…

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Near Death in Death Valley

By Scott Davidson | Jan 18, 2021

Near Death in Death Valley “When are you supposed to tell the guy that you’re about to die with, that you’re in love with him? Before you try to escape the cliff you’re stranded on…or after?” Escape into this true story by incredible adventurer and author Aven Kane by listening now. Link in profile. Aven…

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