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This is what living sounds like. Listen to dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary, and other personalities presenting their true and transformative stories. It starts here, this is a true story.
This is a True Story is produced and hosted by Scott Davidson.

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True Stories

A Day in the Life of a Stunt Person – Nicholas Daines

By Scott Davidson | May 11, 2021

Well, I can tell you from experience as an award winning, international stuntman, that no two days are the same. You never know just where the thrill ride of making motion pictures might take you. Life as a stunt performer has allowed me to travel to some of the most remote and exotic locations in…

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Growing Up Gay in the Middle East was Terrifying

By Scott Davidson | Apr 19, 2021

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave – slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.” Today Maria Atallah shares her story, “Growing Up Gay in the Middle East was Terrifying.” Maria is a Lebanese writer living in Paris and currently working for Vogue. Maria’s story dives deep into the current issues and especially dangers…

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I Discovered the Entire Universe – Marta Wanderlust

By Scott Davidson | Apr 12, 2021

I Discovered the Entire Universe – Marta Wanderlust “Even the scary and intimidating process of ceasing to exist, itself, may end in bliss.” Marta Wanderlust. Marta Wanderlust threw herself into the abyss and found a featherbed on the other side of letting go. Marta Wanderlust presents her story of taking part in a Shamanic healing…

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How I Chose My Bank Robbery Getaway Song – Joe Loya

By Scott Davidson | Apr 5, 2021

“I’ve done many bad things in my life, most of them criminal. And I have genuine remorse for that rogue behavior, just the way any self-respecting person should.” – Joe Loya¬† Buckle up, this is a wild ride! You don’t want to miss this episode. Joe Loya is a Writer (essays/books/TV), film consultant, producer, and…

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Why Not Me?

By Scott Davidson | Mar 29, 2021

Scott Davidson presents his story Why Not Me? Scott Davidson is father, adventure athlete, speaker, producer, and host. More about Scott Davidson. Scott was featured on or collaborating with Osprey Packs, ESPN, Cotopaxi, Zappos Adaptive, Yahoo News, and more. Scott is an adventure athlete born with severe bilateral CTEV. He shares his story of creating…

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Ayahuasca Paranoia: That Time I Nearly Died in the Amazon – Alisha Smith

By Scott Davidson | Mar 22, 2021

“People say that ayahuasca is a truth serum, but I think it’s a fear venom. It drives its viney tendrils deep into the sludge of your soul. It has an arsenal of machinery ready to excavate the shittiest beliefs you hold about yourself. It can make you live your worst nightmares, often in the most…

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Shedding Shame and Guilt through Strength and Resilience

By Scott Davidson | Mar 15, 2021

In letting go of the shame I felt about the person I was, I’ve been able to feel pride in the woman I’m becoming. This past fall, I wrote and released my memoir, “The Good Stripper: A Soccer Mom’s Memoir of Lies, Loss and Lap Dances.” With my book, I am teaching people that experiencing…

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The Shift, A Story of Grief and Growth – Susan Hannifin-MacNab

By Scott Davidson | Mar 8, 2021

“I was a wife and a mother. Until my husband went out for a Sunday drive and didn’t show up for dinner. Until he didn’t show up for breakfast. Until he was silent.” Susan Hannifin-MacNab is a mother, social worker, educator and author. After her husband died suddenly, she was propelled to act, both personally…

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Why You Might As Well Jump

By Scott Davidson | Mar 1, 2021

“I remembered to breathe, which gave me a second to assess the big picture of my life. It wasn’t pretty. At the time, my day-to-day existence was an exercise in monotony. I had a job with no future, an outlook with no hope and a string of first dates who had no intention of calling…

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