Tune Out the Experts


“It doesn’t look good.  I am surprised you don’t have more problems" says this belligerent doctor. I am sitting across from him while he's staring at my X-rays.  He looks at me and starts railing away about all this shit I shouldn’t be doing and declares I have very limited options.

I am looking at him and thinking who the fuck is this dude.

I left that appointment feeling terrible.

That sucked.

But...after some time, hearing some stories, some self-reflection, I got it together and decided to tune out the negativity from that doctor.  Tuning out the experts is not radically new to me and I did this well the majority of my life.  If I didn’t tune out the experts as a kid then my life would've been terribly different and I would've missed out on so much. 

I interview many accomplished individuals that achieve significant feats despite various struggles. Often they prove the experts wrong by pushing past the limitations placed upon them.  These individuals deal in possibilities and the possibilities is where I want to live.