Rebranding This is a True Story Podcast

So I am rebranding This is a True Story Podcast.


The past year I really loved sharing transformative stories and ideas. From the first story of finding love and near death in death valley to hiking the PCT, to discovering oneself by experimenting with plant medicine, silent meditation, solo travel and many more stories. All I loved equally and fully. I found a ton of happiness in publishing these stories. The podcast did rise fast with lots of support in the form of downloads and I am forever grateful. Thank you.


Minimalism and Intentionalism Podcast

So here is where the podcast is going. The podcast is now called Minimalism with Intention and here I will share stories, ideas and conversations focused on minimalism and intentionalism. A lot of the stories I shared on This is a True Story we're very much stories of intention, meaning living an intentional life, a life centered on one's core belief and value and purpose. I also shared quite a few episodes focused specifically on minimalism. So you will see some familiar themes moving forward. This podcast is for sure going to share a lot of transformative and inspiring experiences and ideas. I hope you will take part!


Check out these minimalist stories here (I have many stories of intentional living published too!):

Colin Wright sharing This is It

Jennifer Burger sharing Declutter Your Life


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