Pushing Through Your Fears to Be More Adaptive – Caitlin Conner

How does one become more adaptive and able to thrive after going through a really terrible event, such as an accident that causes permanent changes? How does one push through the fears to reach success?

In today’s episode we’re joined by Caitlyn Conner and we hear her incredible story from ICU survivor to adaptive thriver, and she gives us the tools and methods she uses to “Be More Adaptive” despite any struggle one encounters.

More About Caitlin Connor

Caitlin Conner who is an athlete, model, community builder, content creator, that runs the very notable Be More Adaptive nonprofit. Caitlin Conner is a member of Team Some Assembly Required, Team Catapult, she’s also the first female amputee boxer in the United States and second in the world. She’s a model with corporations like Target, a mom, an artist, and is sponsored by a bunch of organizations such as York Athletics and Swiftwick Athlete. Recently, Caitlin Conner and Team Some Assembly Required finished in first in the Para Elite Spartan Race.

In this episode we talk about,

  • Conner and Team Some Assembly Required winning the Elite Spartan Race.
  • Caitlin Conner’s accident, surgeries, amputation, and how her life changed.
  • Caitlin Conner’s involvement in adaptive sports, like boxing, crossfit, obstacle course racing, and a bunch of other sports.
  • What made Caitlin Conner a success story and how she overcame her fears.
  • Caitlin provides insight on pushing through fears and adapting to any challenge.
  • How Caitlin Conner uses art to go through the challenges of losing loved ones, a former life, and a bunch more.
  • What is Be More Adaptive? Caitlyn Conner explains more about this nonprofit and it’s benefits.
  • Navigating social media and the crazy people one may encounter.

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Further Details Regarding Caitlin Conner

On May 30th, 2014, a day away from her 24th birthday, Caitlin Conner’s (and her husband’s) life would be forever changed. It was a beautiful day in North Texas and they decided to take a short ride on the motorcycle, however, a block down the road, a young girl who was texting while driving didn’t see the bike and t-boned the motorcycle, with the initial impact partially amputated Caitlin’s left ankle. Caitlin was conscious the entire helicopter flight right until she went into surgery. When she awoke, her family stood around her with concerned faces. The nurse came in and said “Oh good, you’re awake, we wanted to let you know you’re about 4 weeks pregnant,” then left the room. Doctors tried to reconstruct her ankle but success was limited. Her 7th surgery would be her last because Caitlin amputated below the knee and went home to a very different life. Caitlin and her husband tried to balance recovery, while helping inlaws that were fighting terminal cancer, and now preparing for a baby the best they could. After many significant trials and a lot of down moments, things changed, and for the better. On April 26th, 2016, Caitlin reached out to a local Crossfit Gym about training her because she hated seeing her legs wither away with atrophy and wanted to be a role model for her daughter. She started working out and finding out she could do more than she ever thought was possible. Caitlin adapted and thrived. Caitlin has now built an incredible community focused on supporting those adapting to significant challenges and they often use sports as a therapy. Caitlin has also competed and won in many sports that there’s too many to list. Caitlin thrives on completion, community, and especially her family. Caitlin states, “I will always find a way to have my daughter with me. I literally gave up a part of myself to keep her safe. I would do it again and again if it made her life better. She pushes me. She reminds me not to settle in this life and that you only get one life. The best thing you can do in your life is try.”

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