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Reclaim Your Life After Things Go Wrong – Dan Edmondson 

By Scott Davidson | Oct 15, 2018

     Reclaim Your Life After Things Go Wrong – Dan Edmondson  In this episode we talk with skateboarder Dan Edmondson.  Dan talks about reclaiming his life after traversing significantly tough challenges, including a train accident that led to the loss of his legs.  Dan provides details regarding the steps he’s taken, and the mindset…

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Choke-out Adversity and Lead a Passionate Life – Pete McGregor

By Scott Davidson | Oct 1, 2018

Choke-out Adversity and Lead a Passionate Life – Pete McGregor Pete McGregor is well known in the martial arts world, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  Pete McGregor trains out of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Diego and calls has a home base in Edmonton, Canada. Pete gave up his home, many of his possessions, and left the comforts of…

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Pushing Hope with Brent Poppen

By Scott Davidson | Sep 27, 2018

Pushing Hope with Brent Poppen In this episode, Brent Poppen talks about finding hope in the darkest moments and how to bring hope to others. Brent is widely know for his motivational speaking, writings, advocating for the adaptive, his role in the Academy Award nominated film Murderball, and winning in the paralympics. Brent also works…

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Working through Grief and Living Your New Normal After Loss – Kendra Zierau – 022

By Scott Davidson | Sep 2, 2018

Working through Grief and Living Your New Normal After Loss – Kendra Zierau – 022 Everyone will deal with loss. Whether the loss is losing a loved one, a marriage, your personal health, or whatever, we will deal with loss and grieving. The guest this episode will talk about loss and grief. When Kendra Zierau…

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Die Living with Anthony Radetic – 021

By Scott Davidson | Aug 18, 2018

Die Living: Make Every Day Count Anthony Radetic Anthony Radetic follows the philosophy of Die Living.  Per Anthony, “I’m such a big believer in going out there and just trying different things… never disregard all the speed bumps and hurdles that may be in your path just keep the drive going. Never accept defeat keep fighting,…

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Making the Best of a Tough Situation, Lessons from an Osteosarcoma Survivor, Jill Englund – 020

By Scott Davidson | Jul 28, 2018

Making the Best of a Tough Situation In this episode we talk with Jill Englund and learn from her regarding how to make the best of a very difficult situation. Jill Englund runs her media site Best of Cancer. She’s an osteosarcoma survivor, pediatric cancer fighter, public speaker, rotationplasty amputee, cancer advocate, and cancer thriver.…

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How to Thrive While Living with Cancer, Rhonda Ramsay – 019

By Scott Davidson | Jun 28, 2018

Rhonda Ramsay and Pink Project Today we have Rhonda Ramsay. Rhonda runs where she details her life living with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and provides insight on how to live a full life despite significant adversity. Her goal is to help people living with cancer to not only survive, but to thrive. Diagnosis…

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018 – Jenny Qaqundah – Author of “Held Together” and Survivor of Personal Tragedy

By Scott Davidson | May 22, 2018

In this episode we have Jenny Qaqundah. We talk about recovery from her near-death experience, adapting to limb loss, PTSD, and bunch of other phenomena. Jenny shares with us her story and the tools she used to adapt to the tough stuff that Jenny encountered and currently navigates. We also dive into the importance of…

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017 – Sam Kuhnert – Founder and Current President of the global organization NubAbility

By Scott Davidson | Apr 23, 2018

Today we dig into all things Sam Kuhnert. Sam Kuhnert is the founder and president of Nubability. Besides running NubAbility, Sam is also an athlete, most notably playing baseball. Sam works in a bunch of realms. Sam is also a motivational speaker handling some very difficult subjects, and he is also an author and a…

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