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Living Adaptive is the podcasting home for stories from the adaptive community. Keep current with adaptive happenings and listen to guests that include individuals that adapt to notable adversity and thrive, supporting organizations, and personalities that are making impacts within the adaptive world. You can adapt no matter the challenge.


Show Notes

Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill – Nicole Ver Kuilen

By Scott Davidson | Aug 19, 2020

Nicole Ver Kuilen is fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities to exercise and she’s taking this fight to Capitol Hill and she want’s you join the team.   Nicole Ver Kuilen is also an athlete, specifically endurance sports like triathlons and adventure sports.  At age 10, Nicole made the difficult decision to amputate…

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We Still Climb (Range of Motion Project)

By Scott Davidson | Jul 21, 2020

This Range of Motion Project (ROMP) team is changing the world.  They’re scrappy and they’re bringing health care equality, specifically mobility to patients in the Americas (based in Ecuador and Colorado).  At the same time, this team summits extreme altitudes with adaptive athletes. This is an example of how to better the world. We’re joined by ROMP founder,…

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Katherine Beattie is a TV Writer (NCIS: NOLA) with a Disability

By Scott Davidson | Jul 12, 2020   Katherine Beattie is a TV Writer (NCIS: NOLA) with a Disability Today’s show is about a person with a disability that made a place for herself in Entertainment despite road blocks. Yes, Katherine Beattie has a disability, Cerebral Palsy, and she explains that if she can make it in Hollywood/entertainment then so can…

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Unity in the Disability Community

By Scott Davidson | Jul 12, 2020   Today’s show is adaptive athlete Steven Walker’s story and the topic for this week is inclusivity and unity within the disability community.    Steven and I are friends and I messaged Steven after he made a profound post about unity and asked if he wanted to come on and talk about it…  …

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Amputee Athlete and Survivor TV Contestant Dr. Kelly Bruno

By Scott Davidson | Jul 12, 2020

Amputee on reality TV (survivor)? How does one handle this spotlight? What does it take to succeed in the spotlight, set records running extreme races on a prosthetic leg, and at the same time become a medical doctor? Find out now as Kelly Bruno checks in. Kelly Bruno is the peak of the adaptive world.…

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Comedian Ryan Niemiller of America’s Got Talent

By Scott Davidson | Jul 9, 2020

Comedian Ryan Niemiller jumps on and brings his energy and comedy to show #clubnubb.  Ryan Niemiller is a disabled comic, he’s the best in the game, The Cripple Threat of Comedy, constantly booked, and he’s really well know for crushing it on America’s Got Talent (3rd place of Season 14). More about Ryan Niemiller Despite being…

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Leverage Your Disability

By Scott Davidson | May 21, 2020

Watch this and learn how we leverage our disabilities to work for us.  We hit three specific areas: (1) Reframe, (2) Leverage, and (3) Rewards of Leveraging.  Don’t miss this especially if you view your disability as a negative phenomenon that sometimes holds you back.     Cohost for this episode is Jacob Pacheco Jacob…

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Opportunity in Any Obstacle We Face – Joe Delagrave

By Scott Davidson | May 15, 2020

How do we unite the adaptive community? Are you breaking down due to obstacles or finding opportunities in these obstacles? Do you let circumstances such as injuries, Covid forced isolation, etc. define who we are?  When things go bad, how do we pick ourselves up and leverage the bad to build good?  Joe Delagrave talks about this…

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Build a Business People Care About

By Scott Davidson | May 8, 2020

For-profit business on Living Adaptive? Yep! This is a rare episode for the Living Adaptive because we bring on a for-profit business owner focused on creating products for the adaptive world. Living Adaptive doesn’t receive any financial gain from Access Trax. We picked Kelly Twichel an Occupational Therapist and cofounder and CEO of Access Trax…

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