Live Your Best Life, Despite the Adversity, Lessons from an Osteosarcoma Survivor

Right now we have so many uncertainties, a climate of isolation, fears of illness, and similar unsettling phenomena.  Jill Englund brings us a really import message of making the best of any difficult situations you encounter.  Jill Englund runs her platform BEST OF CANCER  She’s an osteosarcoma survivor, pediatric cancer fighter, public speaker, amputee (rotationplasty), cancer advocate, and cancer thriver.
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Jill’s story includes diagnosis of osteosarcoma at a young age, amputation of her leg, and losing her mentor and best friend to osteosarcoma as a child.  Jill is involved with various organizations, including St. Baldricks, Cure Search, and Make-a-Wish.  Jill once was a Make-a-Wish nominee and now she’s an advocate for this organization.  
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