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From Accident to Champ – John De Haan

By Scott Davidson | Jan 6, 2020

From Accident to Hitting Podium at the Spartan Para Championship – John De Haan John De Haan is one of the top Obstacle Course Racing para athletes in the world, arguably fighting for the position of the best, he’s up for top athlete in the Netherlands this year.  John De Haan went from traumatic accident…

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Top OCR and Ninja Coach (para and non-para), Stuntman, and Performer – David Funk

By Scott Davidson | Dec 21, 2019

David Funk is a stuntman, performer, and top level Obstacle Course Racing and Ninja Coach.  What separates David Funk from other top level OCR and Ninja coaches is that he also coaches para/adaptive athletes.  David Funk has a lengthy career as a stuntman and performer and currently performs out of Las Vegas and coaches at…

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All Crossfit, No Profit – Branded One

By Scott Davidson | Dec 13, 2019

  Branded One Crossfit is a rare non-profit gym dedicated to empowering our wounded warriors, giving back to the community, bridging the gap between the abled and disabled, and creating a fitness community dedicated to making the world a better place.  Tune in to hear the story of Branded One and the stories of the…

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Despite the Loss – Jason Schneider

By Scott Davidson | Dec 6, 2019

The documentary Despite the Loss arrived after nearly a decade of work that involved interviews, self-evaluation, and a quest of self-acceptance.  Despite the Loss is a documentary about Limb Difference and self acceptance. In this episode we talk about, Director Jason Schneider’s adaptive story and his life directing Despite the Loss. Traits found in those…

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Meet the Guy that Completed Approximately 100 OCRs, One of the Judo Players, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and is Totally Adaptive — Jamie Gane

By Scott Davidson | Nov 8, 2019

Meet Jamie Gane, see what it takes to be like Jamie Gane.  Hear the adversity Jamie Gane encountered and how he thrives. Jamie Gane is an extremely driven adaptive athlete, motivational speaker, life coach, academic, and bunch more.  Jamie Gane has completed nearly 100 OCRs, including over 70 Tough Mudders and this does include the…

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Jiu Jitsu – Cole Rogers and Rustin Hughes

By Scott Davidson | Nov 8, 2019

Cole Rogers of Fightability and Rustin Hughes of B-Bold join us to talk about the combat arts, specifically jiu jitsu, their upcoming seminar(s), how you can get into this game, receive the notable benefits, and build a community that lasts a lifetime. Learn how you can get involved in the jiu jitsu community Get details…

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Giving a Hand – Jeff Soelberg

By Scott Davidson | Oct 16, 2019

Giving a Hand – Jeff Soelberg Today you will hear the story of the nonprofit Jeff Giving a Hand, the adaptive story of the founder Jeff Soelberg’s, and what Jeff Soelberg is building out of the adversity.  So tune in About Jeff Soelberg In July 2016, Jeff was in a work accident that resulted in…

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Breaking into the Xgames

By Scott Davidson | Sep 6, 2019

Breaking into the Xgames Tune in and here the story of how adaptive skateboarding made it to the Xgames and what this potentially means for the sport of skateboarding moving forward. Dan Edmonson is joining us to talk adaptive skateboarding and the Xgames.  Dan Edmonson was on Living Adaptive about a year ago and shared…

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Fighting and Motivation with Cole Rogers

By Scott Davidson | Aug 22, 2019

Fighting and Motivation with Cole Rogers Cole Rogers is a motivational speaker and martial artist from San Luis Obispo, California.  Today, Cole brings his message of perseverance and he shares his work of bringing the combat arts to every person despite any challenge one is dealing with so tune in. In this episode we talk about: Fightability and getting involved in…

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