From Embracing Competition and Nude Photo Shoots to Minimalism and Being the Light, We Jump Into Jeremy Ogle’s World

Jeremy Ogle joins us today and we throw a bunch of listener questions his way and we also discuss his nude photo shoot, the impacts of cancelled events, media outlets missing some major parts of his story, impacts of discussing severe depression, improving the adaptive community, if he'll ever settle down, competing, and a bunch more.
Jeremy Ogle is an Athlete, speaker, and founder of You Adapt.
More about Jeremy Ogle
For Jeremy Ogle, failure was not an option for him. When his daughter came along and once she was placed in his arm all his fears went away. Jeremy knew he had to be strong for her and himself.
Jeremy has earned countless medals in multiple sports, including Adaptive CrossFit, OCRs, Running Comps, and U.S. Paralympic Nationals and has the pleasure of being a motivational speaker.
Jeremy states, "At the end of the day medals are just medals - material things. The real rewarding part of my journey is seeing my daughter and other people's faces light up when they see me finish a race that was said to be impossible for someone with a disability. At that moment, I can see a light bulb turning on in their mind, illuminating the endless possibilities of what they can accomplish, too. I am proving to them that anyone can achieve anything by believing in it and working hard for it. I do this for them."  Jeremy lives to show others that "when life presents you with a challenge, You Adapt."
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