Figure It Out – Jacob Pacheco

When you face adversity you have a choice to quit or keep charging after your hopes and dreams. Surfer, speaker, content creator and entrepreneur Jacob Pacheco chose to keep charging and he presents "Figure it Out" a very true and incredibly inspiring story about adapting to a life of significant disability and how he creates opportunity from adversity.

Jacob Pacheco is the founder of ProneToRide and focuses on a mission to empower others to discover their best. Jacob Pacheco was born with Cerebral Palsy and he successfully thrives despite any challenges. Throughout Jacob's life, he's faced incredible adversity including bullying, medical setbacks, abuse, and clinical depression. Despite this, Jacob turned disability and adversity into opportunity. Against the odds, Jacob has proven YOU can prevail and discover fulfillment despite challenges. ProneToRide is the result of commitment through adversity to discover your best and keep charging forward!

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