Die Living with Anthony Radetic – 021

Die Living: Make Every Day Count
Anthony Radetic

Anthony Radetic follows the philosophy of Die Living.  Per Anthony, “I’m such a big believer in going out there and just trying different things… never disregard all the speed bumps and hurdles that may be in your path just keep the drive going. Never accept defeat keep fighting, die living.”

Anthony Radetic’s Life

Anthony lives a life as icon, entrepreneur, athlete, and family man.  He is a former Army Blackhawk pilot and injured veteran, he is a spinal cord paraplegic and spends some time in a wheelchair. That is, when he’s not swimming, on a jet ski, competing in competitive hand cycling events, competitive and professional skiing at the international level which includes backflips and other impressive feats of athleticism and all other sports that he can compete in.

Anthony Radetic’s Injury

On February 17, 2004, on his way home from a flight-training mission, Anthony had an accident on his motorcycle. He sustained a spinal cord injury at the C2, C3, T7 and T8 levels. He remained in critical care for 40 days.

Anthony Radetic’s Approach to Life

“There is no secret to it; I do put in a lot of work each day. With good reason, I need to work twice as hard to be even close to the rest of the pack.”

Find Anthony Radetic on his website https://www.anthonyradetic.com/
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