Updated: What is Living Adaptive

Updated: What is Living Adaptive What’s up? So Living Adaptive is approximately two years old.  Upon reflection, some updates about Living Adaptive is required.  What is Living Adaptive? Living Adaptive is produced by an adaptive person for everyone, especially those adapting to struggles.  We address adapting and working with many difficult experiences, and sometimes we…

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Tune out the Experts

Tune Out the Experts Experts? “It doesn’t look good.  I am surprised you don’t have more problems” says this belligerent doctor. I am sitting across from him while he’s staring at my X-rays.  He looks at me and starts railing away about all this shit I shouldn’t be doing and declares I have very limited options.…

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What is Living Adaptive?

What’s Up? After much time, I mean like a lot of time and delays, many nervous moments because I am neurotic, so much apprehension and subsequent procrastination, all that stuff, here I go. For me, this event of introducing myself and this podcast is sort of like base jumping (you know, the crazy people that jump off cliffs/buildings and fly…

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