Almost Impossible – Climber Kimber Cross

Kimber Cross is an elite climber born with a missing hand. For every climb, Kimber Cross is conquering what is deemed ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. 
Kimber Cross will take you on a journey to the Northwest mountains and provides you with glimpses into how she adapts and makes the almost impossible…very much possible.  The terrain Kimber climbs is dangerous, cold, icy, and unforgiving and paradoxically there’s peace and beauty in her treacherous adventures. Kimber thrives in these challenges. She shares what life was like as an athlete with a disability, accepting limb difference, dealing with the stares, and most importantly bringing the mountains and respect for nature to her students.
Kimber Cross is an example for the adaptive world that traditional athletics isn’t the only possibility. Kimber kicks open the gym door, waves bye to the safety of the indoors, and marches to the most unforgiving terrain.  She’s got the heart of an adventurer.
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