Achieving Balance – Andre Le Brocquy

This is a story about a wake up call. Andre Le Brocquy witnessed his father work incredibly hard for his family, but by working so hard, his father sacrificed his health. Hear how Andre responds. I believe this story will really hit for those looking to achieve work/life balance.

Andre Le Brocquy is a speaker, voice artist, coach and more...but most of all he is a family man. Today he presents his transformative story of turning his attention from his career and instead towards helping others find success, especially fathers.


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As a coach and speaker, Andre helps motivate people so they can achieve their goals. Andre states, "I spent the last 15 years trying to figure out what to do, and how to do it. I've had many ad-hoc jobs, qualified as a personal trainer, trained and worked as an actor, had a stint in real estate, managed fitness clubs, held managerial sales and marketing positions in the film and TV industry,recorded as a voice-artist... I enjoyed every one of my experiences and each taught me something different - but no single 

one ever really fulfilled me.

This lack of direction and the feeling of dispassion weighed heavily on me, and when I became a dad, I decided it was time to stop looking for what fulfilled me and start making safe and stable decisions that would enable me to provide for my family. I traded in my passion for stability and comfort. Sure enough, this never felt right to me and after a few years of putting up with the consequences, my curiosity and passion for living caught up with me. 

I finally discovered my calling in life: COACHING."

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