Why'd You Do It?

Podcast? Why?

The reason for starting the Living Adaptive podcast is because of the money...kidding.  I won't sell you anything, everything is free, because that's where I am now.  I won't tell you one program is the program to change your life.  I won't pretend to be the foremost expert, although, I will interview those that are noted experts.  I won't pretend that everything is okay, when sometimes it's not.  What I will do, is produce shows that I believe hold value for me, and others.  The Living Adaptive Podcast is beyond a passion project.  I began Living Adaptive because the adaptive tribe is my tribe.  You know?  I am a member.  I lived in this realm my entire life.  And better yet, I am a story teller, I am here to share stories, tell stories, and hopefully bring some value to each listener.

Episodes release often, there's some writings, and we continue to promote the stories and causes of many adaptive individuals and non-profits.  Life is good.

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Scott Davidson?


About me the quick version...

Grew up a Pittsburgh, went to college, have some kids, and I really enjoy life.

My adaptive story (really short version)

There's no answer for why I was born with my issues.  Some think it's due to malpositioning in the womb causing a difficult situation for my legs and feet.  My feet are hit the hardest.  I had significant surgeries (now deemed archaic and harmful) to stand upright.  I did gain the ability to get upright and I adapted.  My legs look different but I found a way to compete against non-adaptive athletes and performed relatively well.  The official diagnosis is bilateral severe clubfoot with complications in all joints up the legs.  


Being that I am, I guess different, haha, I encountered a lot of challenges.  My friends and family would say I am different because comedy is a huge part of my life and I am for sure not your standard.  Others would say I am different because my legs and feet are different.  Likewise, my ability to do a lot of things is really different.


Starting at a young age, doctors were generally negative, filling me with doubts, and they still do.  Highly educated medical professions that deal in probabilities instead of possibilities and as a kid it’s easy to believe the doctors.  But I am stubborn, and I didn’t listen to the doctors.  I adapted.  For many years, my acceptance of myself was not there.  I know what it's like to be beaten down verbally.  I know the experience of a room full of people doubting you.  I know what it's like to receive horrible news about one's health (advice from cut off your lower legs to declaring I should give up walking.  I also know what it's like to look in the mirror and hate what you see.  I hated looking at my legs in the mirror and holy fuck if I saw them in a picture.  As a kid, it truly was difficult to be different.  As an adult, still tough, no bullshit.  For me, gaining a level acceptance occurred because of the stories our adaptive tribe shared.  We’re unique, and it’s pretty rad, and sharing our stories promotes community, healing, knowledge, and even acceptance.  So I am doing this Living Adaptive thing.

I will write more about my experiences and a bunch of other stuff as time rolls on...