30 Minutes with Zappos

I got 30 minutes with the Zappos Adaptive A Team! We heard your questions and Zappos answers them NOW. Hit the link below, subscribe and share.
So you want to be a Zappos model? Why did Zappos invest into the adaptive community? Do you have any idea the work involved for Zappos to start this adaptive division? How does a small team from Zappos work with major shoe brands to sell a single shoe instead of a pair?
Dana Zumbo from Zappos jumps on to share how Zappos Adaptive promotes inclusion by providing functional and fashionable clothing and shoes to make life easier and answers the questions you sent us.

Dana Zumbo has an amazing heart.  For much of her life, Zumbo worked and volunteered within the disability community.  She’s also a Pittsburgh native and lives in Las Vegas so thus that makes her better than you (kidding, sort of)! Reach out to Dana Zumbo and Zappos Adaptive and please let them know we appreciate the tremendous work they’ve invested into the adaptive world.

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