Four Tips Every Hiker Must Read


Four Tips Every Hiker Must Read

Whether you’re doing a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) or hitting some day hikes, these four tips below will prove invaluable. Liane Herrick appeared on This is a True Story Podcast and provided some really valuable tips to approaching thru-hikes and hiking in general. Liane, hiked all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and these are the lessons she recalls most from the trail.



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1. Trust your own instincts. Don’t listen to everything hikers say, because a hiker’s reality is based on their own perception and conditions can be exaggerated. Our perceptions are relative and what one finds dangerous another may not. Liane calls this “hiker hype” and says use your best judgement.

2. Be flexible. With any sort of outdoor adventure, most things won’t go as you’ve planned. Liane states, The trail is as alive as a hiker. It will provide and it will take away. For instance, due to the high elevation and the physical energy it takes to move through the Sierras, Liane and her crew had to make an unplanned resupply stop in Bishop. They lost several very crucial days of hiking, but they needed to eat. Liane recalls, the unplanned side trip resulted in full bellies, inside jokes, and laughable adventures that have been recounted many times at length. We got back on trail a few pounds heavier and I would not trade those memories for anything.


3. Don’t overpack. Try to pack as minimally as possible. Liane quickly realized she overpacked and that extra clothing and toiletries, etc. weren’t needed. She states, “I appreciated this about the trail; it had stripped away social norms and expectations. I realized that many of my material possessions had been bought to fill a void, not a need.” Liane shipped items to her home and lightened her load on the trail.


4. Life will never be the same. Accept that after hiking, your life may never be the same and that might not return to your old routines. This is especially applicable for those finishing thru-hikes. Liane states, like many hikers, after the trail I decided not to return to my same old routine. Liane and her boyfriend Niko instead sought a more deliberate and adventurous life which includes working in national parks, van-life, outdoor adventures, and then settling in the Sierras.


These aren’t your standard hiking tips. Liane Herrick isn’t your stand hiker. Currently, Liane adventures in California in the winter. She loves to travel and explore new places and believes that hiking is one of the best ways to see the soul of the world. Listen to her story HERE

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