004 Dr. Jerry Moorman – When the body fails the mind prevails! Perseverance through Cerebral Palsy and Polio

The mind is resilient, it’s the body that fails! In this episode you will hear my interview with Dr. Jerry Moorman. Jerry is a retired professor, author, and family focused individual and happens to live with cerebral palsy and the results of childhood polio. Jerry grew up in a small cotton-farming community in Mississippi. He often describes himself as “a country boy from Mississippi.” During this time he dealt with serious prejudices and significant medical difficulties. Jerry didn’t grow up within ideal conditions but he managed to find substantial success. Jerry tells us how he learned to adapt to his physical limitations. He has written an award-winning book of poetry called “A Body Less Perfect” and this book is a collection of poetry depicting various aspects of his life with cerebral palsy. We discuss how he approached his life with cerebral palsy and polio, such as how he learned to accept the imperfections of the human body and focus his energy in areas he wanted to develop. There is much to learn from Dr. Moorman, so please listen to his story!

Email Dr. Moorman at: jerrymoorman@hotmail.com

Purchase “A Body Less Perfect” at: https://www.amazon.com/Body-Less-Perfect-Jerry-MoorMan/dp/098183390X

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